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Relaxed natural portraits, headshots and industrial photography to help your company look great

At MPMJ, we use our skills, experience and creativity to engage your audience and communicate your business message simply and effectively through photography and video. 

MPMJ is run by Matt Wain with help behind the scenes from Polly and trusted creative partners for larger

projects and specialist expertise.

Our work covers images and video for a range of business activities, from relaxed headshots and corporate

portraits, to board meetings, annual reports, location, industrial and architectural photography and case studies.

We work with tight schedules, last minute changes and short deadlines, and can go from a corporate photograph

to video in an instant, with the same set up, same lighting - making the most of time more efficiently and creating one cohesive visual identity for your business across a range of formats and business areas.

Commissions take us all over the UK and Europe, shooting for all kinds of businesses, in all sorts of environments, we’ve even shot video a mile underground in the Arctic Circle! 

We love a production challenge! – let MPMJ help you with your next photography project.

Photography portrait business woman relaxed corporate headshot London UK

Relaxed corporate portraits - engaging business headshots

Sometimes we get less than 10 minutes to meet someone, photograph them and say farewell.

To capture a relaxed corporate portrait, we try and put people at ease - we chat, talk holidays, the weather,

whatever it takes to help the subject feel comfortable. It’s a bit like speed dating, but without the dating bit!

So to produce engaging, relaxed business photography for your latest project or headshot for your LinkedIn profile,

please get in touch and let us know how MPMJ can help.

Industrial photography on location London of AV 3D cave

Industrial location photography - images of your business

Industrial location photography is inherently unpredictable - the weather, the light, the venue. You have to think

on your feet, adapt to changes quickly and use opportunities. Working within locations where work

has to carry on, we need to balance getting the shot with not getting in the way.

If, like this Berkshire-based business, you’d like to showcase your business with great creative industrial and location images and video, please give us a call.

Annual report photography at meeting London architecture business commercial

Board meeting photography and annual report images

We can’t choreograph a board meeting, so capturing shots with as little impact on proceedings goes without

saying. However, sitting in on a scheduled meeting can generate quite serious looking photographs,

after all everyone is concentrating.

We quite often stage meetings or allow a few minutes of downtime within an existing board meeting purely for the purposes of generating engaging photography. Directors can then have more casual conversations,                         to keep things a little bit more upbeat whilst shooting.

To talk to MPMJ about photographing your businesses board meeting or annual report please get in touch

Photographer London architectural interior escalators

Architectural photography - showcase your built environment

We are regularly commissioned for corporate photography of interiors, exteriors and the built environment.

For this creative business image, we were on location in London.

Let us know how we can help with your architectural photography brief.

Photography for corporate business event conference at guild hall London

Event and conference photography – celebrate your success

While you celebrate, we provide discreet event photography for your dinner, product launch, company

party or business conference. If you’d like us to capture your next special event,

give us a call for creative corporate event photography in London, the UK - and beyond!


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